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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Adams, TN?

If yes, then consider hiring Cory Real Estate Services!

We offer a full range of real estate brokerage services if you’re looking to have your Adams rental property professionally managed or if you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Tennessee. 

We have long-term expertise in handling property investments as we have deep familiarity with Clarksville, Tennessee and its surrounding areas, including Fort Campbell. 

We obtain peace of mind for our clients through the following means:

  • We aim to make it easier for property owners to enjoy passive income from their real estate investments

  • We prioritize filling vacancies for your Adams rental home by marketing widely

  • We conduct property showings and prepare the rental for the tenants’ move in

  • We perform property maintenance and repairs

  • We collect all rents when the due dates arrive 

Contact us today to get started on your free rental price analysis. We strive for the most profitable returns for your Adams rental home. Let outstanding professionals guide you. You can call us at (931) 298 0003 or visit our website at You’ll be glad to choose a top property manager in Tennessee! 

Cory Real Estate Property Management Services 

Our company provides a stress-free property management program for owners to earn back their investment returns. Enjoy the best range of property management services from extensive marketing all the way to daily property maintenance. Maximize your time freedom and let us handle all the finer details of managing your Adams rental home.

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Here are our top-notch services we’ve provided to our satisfied clients through the years:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

Sometimes marketing on your own can get overwhelming. Most self-managing landlords don’t know how to identify the right target market for their rentals. This is understandable since marketing is a field that requires plenty of experience. By hiring Cory Real Estate Services, our marketing knowledge will allow you to gain more exposure for your Adams property. 

As masters in using marketing tools, we’re able to command more views for your Adams rental home in popular websites namely Zillow, and Trulia. We also know how to pick the right property features to highlight. Fine quality images will accompany your property listings.

2. Tenant Screening Process

New landlords can often commit mistakes when selecting tenants. Some don’t even conduct the necessary tenant screening. This can translate to future issues in your Adams rental property. Working with Cory Real Estate Services prevents less-than-ideal situations caused by problem tenants. We always study credit scores, income capability, rent history and criminal records. We seek peace of mind for the property owner as well as the other tenants.

We also adhere to the Fair Housing Act. We respect the rights of those who fall under the protected classes and avoid asking questions during the tenant screening procedure that would violate the FHA. 

3. Rent Collection

Self-managing landlords can sometimes hesitate to enforce the rules when it comes to rent payment. But this would eventually hurt your Adams rental property business. Tenants would become lenient and avoid prioritizing payment. Your income will be inconsistent, leading to low returns. Cory Real Estate Services will not allow that to happen.

adams tennessee rent collection

We have an effective system that guards the rental collection procedure. Tenants are given different channels to pay their rent on time. We treat prompt rent payment as a non-negotiable tenant responsibility. Our cutting-edge technology helps us monitor the payments. Failure to pay is a solid ground for eviction and we’re ready to perform that legally, if the situation occurs. We aim to work with your financial goals, and efficient rent collection is the best way to achieve that. 

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

It’s understood that keeping your Adams rental property habitable to the tenant is one of your prime duties as a landlord. However, this is easier said than done. Property maintenance is a never-ending responsibility. 

That’s why hiring Cory Real Estate Services ensures you always offer a highly livable rental to your tenant. We keep track of repair requests, perform scheduled inspections and see to it that even minor damages are given proper attention.

We aim to grow your property’s value, and we only allow appraised contractors to do repairs and home improvements. In case emergencies occur, we are dependable professionals. We attend to property damages and treat them with urgency and strive to make living in your rental convenient for tenants.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

By hiring us, we provide you with an Owner’s Portal where you can access financial information on your Adams rental property. You can check your investment’s profitability and expenses anytime for your utmost convenience. 

About Adams, Tennessee

Adams is a city that’s considered part of Robertson County and is located near the Kentucky state line. Originally known as Red River, it was renamed to pay homage to James Reuben Adams who possessed most of the city’s land. 

From 1817 to 1820, it was said that a Bell Witch Haunting happened. There is popular Southern folklore that involved the Bell family back in the 19th century. This legend spawned several films.

Residents enjoy living in Adams, Tennessee for its tranquil environment and low cost of living. It’s a charming town with a wealth of history. Exciting events like the Bell Witch Fall Festival is celebrated here. 

The natural outdoors provide pleasant recreation and it has a 30-acre park filled with lush greenery. The presence of the Red River provides inhabitants of this city with water activities where they can explore the Bell Witch Cave by riding a canoe.

Here are interesting places to see in Adams, Tennessee:

  • Port Royal State Park

  • Gehman Pottery Works

  • Magnolia Country Chapel

  • River House at Southern Light

  • Candy Neuron Art Gallery

  • Bell Witch Cave

  • Bell Witch Schoolhouse

  • Bell Witch Tavern

  • Moss’s Coach House Restaurant

  • Adams Station 

Source: Wikipedia

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