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7 Maintenance Tips Cory Real Estate Services

A large part of property ownership relies on consistent and regular maintenance. The more you properly care for your belongings, the longer they last. The same goes for your rental property. Maintaining your property also confers the added benefit of slowing down normal wear-and-tear. If you regularly focus on the upkeep of your rental space, you’ll find that the value you deliver to your tenants will be consistent, keeping them happier in the long run. 

If we analyze further, implementing an effective maintenance program also helps reduce your costs. The more attention you dedicate to preventive inspections, the fewer costs you must spend on repairing your property.

Check out the 7 best tips the team at Cory Real Estate Services has compiled…

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Attract Long-Term Tenants Cory Real Estate Services

Landlords are often seeking a low turnover rate and a stable stream of income from their properties. Long-term tenants are one of the best ways to meet these goals. But how exactly can you attract and keep a long-term tenant?

With years of experience managing property within the Clarksville and Fort Campbell area, Cory Real Estate Services offers its tips for attracting long-term tenants to local landlords!

Tips for Attracting Long-Term Tenants

Upgrade your property

You remember the adage, “First impressions matter?” This is where you put it to practice. Whether you have a young professional or a public officer in their early 40s as your tenant, neither wants to rent a space that looks faded and washed out.

Making renovations to your…

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