tenants with pets

Pet owners adore their pets and offer them the same care and love that they would a family member. These owners will be seeking to rent a unit in your investment property. As the landlord, it's natural that you might feel a bit skeptical about it, considering the potential for property damage caused by the furry friends. 

Do you rent your property to a tenant with a pet? Are there any benefits to such a scenario? This post will cover the benefits of renting to pet owners and provide advice on how to mitigate damages.

The ‘Pets’ Issue 

Having pets on a property increases the risk of damage to the property. Pets can scratch up your beautiful wooden floor or leave stains and smell on your carpet. Your curtains and blinds might also be in danger…

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best renovations

While getting renters for your property is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your investment, keeping them long-term is the next big milestone in the leasing process. One method that’s guaranteed to attract and keep tenants is upgrading the amenities and renovating the property. 

Rental renovations and improvement differ slightly from the renovations that you would do to your own home. This is because you need to consider amenities that improve the appeal and functionality of the space to your target demographic. You’re not designing the space based on your wants and needs. 

So, what amenities and property improvements should landlords aim for? In this article, the reputable team at Cory Real Estate Services offers a few suggestions. 

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