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Convert Your Home into a Rental Property Cory Real Estate Services

A lot of people consider renting their homes to generate passive income. It’s also an option they think about when the economy is in a downturn and it’s a buyer’s market. These are wonderful reasons to convert your Clarksville, TN home into a rental property. But before moving forward, it’s important to ensure that you’re taking the correct path.

Cory Real Estate Services can provide you with advice and property management services if you are considering taking the plunge into being a rental property owner. Below are ideas to weigh before deciding to rent out your Clarksville, TN home:

1.  Managing a rental home requires a lot of responsibility.

While the advantages of having a rental business are plenty, you must also be realistic about…

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Tennessee Fair Housing Act Cory Real Estate Services

Whether impliedly or expressly stated in your lease agreement, tenants in Tennessee have a right to fair treatment. Congress enacted the Fair Housing Act with one goal in mind: to outline for landlords, buyers, lenders, and renters the housing-related practices that are unfair and discriminatory.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is responsible for enforcing fair housing laws. According to the HUD, actions that can be considered discriminatory in regards to housing can take many shapes and forms.

Some examples of housing discrimination include failing or delaying to perform your maintenance responsibilities, imposing different rules for different renters, and limiting privileges, facilities, or services of a dwelling based on…

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Normal Wear and Tear Cory Real Estate Services

For landlords, normal wear and tear is a term they must become familiar with when discussing their rental property business. “Normal wear and tear” refers to the decline or depreciation of property, furnishings, or appliances in your unit. These damages are typically not borne out of neglect or abuse by the residents. 

Fixing wear and tear damages is the landlord’s responsibility. Therefore, it’s important to be able to tell the difference and categorize between tenant-caused property damage and reasonable wear and tear. This can prove to be challenging though.

This article will help you evaluate what falls under normal wear and tear and what does not.

What is normal wear and tear?

Wear and tear is often described as the natural…

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Squatting Laws in TN Cory Real Estate Services

A squatter is someone that occupies a piece of property without having a legal claim to it. A squatter can gain legal property rights through an adverse possession claim so long as they meet all the requirements.

Therefore, as a property owner, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the squatters’ rights laws in Tennessee in order to prevent it from happening. You should also be well-versed in Tennessee landlord-tenant law.

One question you might ask is: What is the difference between a squatter and a trespasser?

A squatter is someone that occupies an abandoned or unoccupied building that they neither rent nor own. Squatting is usually a civil matter, whereas trespassing is a criminal offense.

Squatting only becomes trespassing if…

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Best Neighborhoods in Clarksville Cory Real Estate Services

Are you looking to invest in Clarksville, TN real estate?

Clarksville is located in the north part of Tennessee. It’s the 5th largest city in the state, offering plenty of local history. For example, one of its famous landmarks is the Cumberland River which has a museum dedicated to showcasing the city’s history.

Clarksville is attractive to investors, given its thriving economy where major employers like Amazon, American Standard, Google, Convergys Corporation, LG, and Vulcan Corporation can be found. This makes the job market solid for residents in this area.

In terms of arts and culture, Clarksville also showcases the Roxy Theater where performances can be seen in the Downtown area. You can also find the Governor’s Square Mall, Clarksville…

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As every landlord knows, one of the primary obligations of the job is ensuring the safety and habitability of their rental property. With the litany of liabilities and responsibilities present in a dwelling structure, Tri-Cities Roofing thought it fit to outline the importance of keeping your roof in tip-top shape.

The health of the roof factors into the proper functioning and welfare of the rest of the home. So let’s consider the ramifications of having an imperfect or damaged roofing structure.

Protection from the Elements

The roof of a residence will generally catch the brunt end of everything Mother Nature can throw at the home. With it being the crucial line of defense against such things, having a compromised roof can put your…

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clarksville real estate investing

Are you interested in Clarksville, TN real estate investing?

Investments come in many forms. Real estate is a type of investment that can deliver an outstanding return on your initial purchase price. However, you need to make sure that your chosen property is in the right market.

Clarksville, Tennessee, shows promising stats when it comes to real estate investments. The local economy, job market and quality of life support a potentially lucrative rental property strategy in the city.

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to take a closer look at the various factors backing up the potential of real estate investments in Clarksville, TN. You’ll learn exactly what makes the area stand out from the rest.

#1: Sustainable Economy

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buying investment property tips 

Thanks to its cultural and commercial significance, the Tennessee Rental Market is booming right now. On average, city homes cost as much as $250,000 – so high that renting seems to be the most obvious option for many residents. 

In fact, according to RENTCafe, almost 50 percent of the population lives in rented premises. Additionally, this population is projected to continue growing in the future. 

So, if you are planning to buy an investment property, now is the perfect time to do so. If you do it properly, there is no doubt you can make quite a profit. 

7 Tips When Buying an Investment Property in Clarkesville 

As with any other investment, real estate investing has its fair share of risks. Failing to get something right along the way…

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eviction in tennessee

Do you know how to file an eviction lawsuit in Tennessee? If you wish to evict a tenant from your rental property you must ensure that you follow the proper legal process.

When everything else has failed, evicting a tenant from a rental unit may be the only solution left for you. Tennessee, like many states, has a pretty detailed tenant eviction process in place. As a result, a Tennessee landlord must follow all the steps for a successful eviction of a tenant from their rental unit. 

The following is an overview of the residential landlord and tenant eviction process in Tennessee as outlined by the Landlord and Tenant Act.

Step #1: Serve the Tenant with a Tennessee Eviction Notice 

Every Tennessee eviction process must start with an…

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tennesse landlord laws

Being home to several large cities, Tennessee is estimated to have a whopping 6.65 million residents. These include Nashville, with a population of 684,410 (33% being renters), and Memphis, with a population of 657,167 (17% being renters). 

With this many renters, the Tennessee landlord-tenant laws are actually quite landlord-friendly. In other words, as a landlord, the cards may be stacked in your favor. 

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at a basic overview of Tennessee landlord-tenant law. Understanding these laws can help you best serve your tenants based on Tennessee tenant rights and avoid potential legal issues. 

A Guide to Tennessee Rental Laws

Required Landlord Disclosures in Tennessee  

Under the Tennessee…

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