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The Sabalauski Air Assault School (TSAAS) is located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home to the Screaming Eagles, the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) and is the original military installation to offer Air Assault training. Air Assault is a combat insertion unit using helicopters to carry and insert soldiers into battle, provide close air aid, resupply operations and give medical evacuation.

Sabalauski Air Assault School trains soldiers assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, FORSCOM service members and other units in the army. It provides a 10-day fast paced, physically and mentally demanding training. It started with two teams four years ago and now has four teams, developing over 3,000 soldiers every year (around 1,000 soldiers on the school ground…

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The Liberty Park in Clarksville, TN (formerly Fairgrounds Park) is a remarkable attraction and a great achievement for the City of Clarksville. The Liberty Park is a family-friendly recreational area featuring boating activities, family restaurants and facilities for cultural events, parties and other entertainment and outdoor activities. It is located at 1188 Cumberland Drive, encompassing 130 acres along the Cumberland River.

One of the great attractions at Liberty Park is the Clarksville Marina at 1190 Cumberland Drive. The development of the Clarksville Marina has been planned since 1976 and in summer of 2009, the actual digging of the marina basin started.

Liberty Park Facilities

For boating/fishing activities:

  • Clarksville Marina
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Fort Campbell Army Post, a World Class Community, is home to the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault - the Screaming Eagles, as well as to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, the 5th Special Forces Group and the 31st Military Police Detachment. It is sitting on Kentucky-Tennessee border, at Exit 86 on I-24, located between the towns of Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville, KY. Fort Campbell is about 50 miles from Nashville and just 45 minutes away from Nashville International Airport.


Fort Campbell is one of the largest military installations in the world with a total size of 105,068 acres. With the total population of 13,685, it holds the 5th largest military population in the Army and the 7th largest in the Department of…

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Dunbar Cave State Park is a 110-acre natural area and is one of Clarksville, Tennessee’s most picturesque attractions. It is located 60 minutes northwest of Nashville and about 1.5 miles northeast of downtown Clarksville. Dunbar Cave, measuring over 8 miles in length, is the most prominent and one of the largest caves in Montgomery county, making the city of Clarksville one of middle Tennessee’s best-kept secrets.

What's Interesting About Dunbar Cave State Park

Great Scenery

The day-use state park is much loved by both locals and tourists alike for walks along the serene trails and views of the manmade Swan Lake. Although the lake is not allowed for boating and swimming since it’s only 15-acres, people are still attracted to the relaxing and…

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Austin Peay State University (APSU) is considered as the fastest growing university in the state of Tennessee. Founded in 1972 as a two-year junior college and an institution that trained teachers, APSU is now a public, master’s level university that offers four-year courses. APSU’s main campus is in downtown Clarksville, approximately 25 minutes from Fort Campbell and just 45 minutes from Nashville. The university has two other campuses: The Austin Peay Center @ Fort Campbell (Fort Campbell, KY) and Highland Crest (Springfield, TN).

Austin Peay State University also offers first-rate online programs in an effort to cater to students seeking alternatives to on-campus learning because of myriad of reasons like expensive tuition, budget l, family and…

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