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Great advertising and marketing can help decrease the number of vacant spaces in your property. By carrying out a well-planned advertisement, you can attract numerous tenants to your property. However, before you reap the fruits of marketing, you need to plan it out and ensure that you are intentional with your adverts and marketing platforms.

Marketing is useful for any product or service out there. It is through marketing and advertisement that potential customers and clients get to learn about your commodity. This is then how you get to build a brand through the pool of buyers. The same applies to real estate commodities and especially rental spaces.

In this article, Cory Real Estate Services will provide you with a few tips on how you can advertise your property. If you are a property owner or investor in Clarksville, you can reach out to them for any assistance regarding properties.

Identify your target market.

The very first step in advertising property is to identify and understand your target audience. For property, we are referring to your target demographics. A single-family home in the suburbs will not attract the same tenants as a condominium closer to the CBD. Know who your property is best suited for and draft a plan on how to reach out to them. By making a customized marketing solution, you increase your chances significantly of easily locking down a tenant.

It is also important to familiarize yourself which the various laws in Clarksville that are applicable to your property. Ensure that your property meets all the basic standards dictated by law before you set up your advertisement posts and posters.

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Invest in photography.

When advertising your property, it is important to invest in the quality of photos you take. Photographs are the first and most popular representation of your property. This is to say that they could be what makes or breaks the deal for tenants. Ensure that the photos you use to advertise are of high quality and offer a good representation of your property.

Good quality photos will help your property stand out and attract many tenants. Good quality photos can be expensive, but thanks to technology, you can create quality photos with your smartphone and other affordable equipment in the market.

Smartphones can access editing applications that you can use to enhance how your photos look. For best results, take photos with natural lighting, ensure that the spaces are clean and presentable, and use landscape mode to take your photo. It gives wide coverage of the area. Once you are done taking the photos, edit the photos to give them a clean and natural look.

Write a brief description of your property.

In order to have a professional advertisement, you will be required to add a brief description of your property. When writing a description ensure that it is brief, straight to the point but also informative.

You can also write a copy. A copy is a description/short story of your property that helps a tenant get a clearer picture of the space. When writing copy, be sure to focus on these two sections:

  • Headline: A headline is what first attracts the audience to your advertisement. The audience then makes a decision on whether to engage with your advertisement depending on how captivating it is. To have a great formula, follow the following, indicate the location, number of rooms, amenities, and the rental amount.
  • Summary description: A summary description is also important as it gives additional information on the property. It helps potential clients visualize the property being let out. The summary description includes information about the available amenities and other unique features. You can also include a description of the neighborhood, you could also attach a small, map just to give a view of where the property is located.

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Make use of social media.

Once you have the photo and a description, now it’s time to send the word out about the existence of your property. One way to do this is to use social media. There are different social media platforms that you can use to advertise your property. The internet is also filled with listings from different regions and you can add your property as well.

When posting on the internet, ensure to correctly input the name of your property and its location. This way, people looking for property around your area can view your posting. You can also create social media pages for your property. A lot of landlords tend to ignore this approach. However, social media especially sites such as Instagram and Twitter can be very helpful in finding tenants. Once you post your photos on these platforms various people are able to view them and they can even share them with people interested in the property.

Make sure to be consistent in your posting and interact with your audience. You can also use hashtags that will also help reach a large audience.

Use word of mouth.

Another way to advertise your property yourself is by word of mouth. This could go a long way in helping people know about your property. Encourage people that you know to also share the information with their friends and family.

Providing good services to your tenants can also act as a marketing tool. Most people will take about the places they live and if your tenants are comfortable with the amenities and services provided in your property, there is a high probability that they will share about your property with other people.

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The Bottom Line

From the advice offered above, you can appreciate the amount of effort that it takes to successfully advertise the property. You need to perform an assessment of the Clarksville demographics, use the appropriate media and prepare different advertising tools.

Quality and reliable advertising services are available at the leading property management company in Clarksville, Cory Real Estate Services. We have helped hundreds of landlords over the years and are ready to help you fill out your rental property in the shortest time possible.

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