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being a landlord

While seeking to cut down on expenses and have more control over the goings-on of the property, some landlords may consider becoming a DIY landlords. However, without prior experience, and industry knowledge, there are some common mistakes that most landlords make. 

The team from Cory Real Estate Services seeks to inform landlords of a few mistakes that they can avoid. We have a reputation in Clarksville and beyond as a service provider who comprehensively meets the needs of their clients.

Keep on reading if you want to learn how to avoid potentially costly mistakes while managing your property. 

Don’t Skip Regular Property Inspections 

It’s your duty as a landlord to provide your tenants with a habitable environment to live in. This means…

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pricing a home

Wondering how much you should price your Clarksville property? The rental pricing of your property can determine the success of your real estate investment. 

If you price your home too high, you are bound to experience a high turnover of tenants in the long run. You also risk seeing long periods of vacancy which can very costly. On the other hand, rental prices that are below the market will reduce your ROI. In addition, you might not be able to meet your financial obligations such as mortgage payments and insurance premiums. 

To get you on the right path, the team from Cory Real Estate, a leading property management company in Clarksville has put together the following tips. With the right rental price, you are bound to enjoy stable and…

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tenants with pets

Pet owners adore their pets and offer them the same care and love that they would a family member. These owners will be seeking to rent a unit in your investment property. As the landlord, it's natural that you might feel a bit skeptical about it, considering the potential for property damage caused by the furry friends. 

Do you rent your property to a tenant with a pet? Are there any benefits to such a scenario? This post will cover the benefits of renting to pet owners and provide advice on how to mitigate damages.

The ‘Pets’ Issue 

Having pets on a property increases the risk of damage to the property. Pets can scratch up your beautiful wooden floor or leave stains and smell on your carpet. Your curtains and blinds might also be in danger…

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best renovations

While getting renters for your property is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your investment, keeping them long-term is the next big milestone in the leasing process. One method that’s guaranteed to attract and keep tenants is upgrading the amenities and renovating the property. 

Rental renovations and improvement differ slightly from the renovations that you would do to your own home. This is because you need to consider amenities that improve the appeal and functionality of the space to your target demographic. You’re not designing the space based on your wants and needs. 

So, what amenities and property improvements should landlords aim for? In this article, the reputable team at Cory Real Estate Services offers a few suggestions. 

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prevent damages

A rental property has several risks attached to it just like any other investment. One that ranks highly and has far-reaching effects on the value is property damage by tenants. Even though it’s the tenants’ responsibility to take care of the property and reasonably maintain it, some tenants fail to honor the agreement.  

Some damages can be the result of neglect either by the tenant or the landlord. Other times the property can require updates due to normal wear and tear. Taking care of repairs in property can be a costly affair. 

Even the little repairs that are considered affordable at first may add up in the long run. It is therefore important to plan and have set measures that can protect you as a landlord from such events. 

This article…

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get more rent

Conversations about rent prices and rent increases can be difficult and hinder the landlord-tenant relationship. The subject of a rental increase often comes up when a tenant would like to renew their lease. Oftentimes, tenants will move out after the rental increase.  

There are many reasons why a rent increase or new streams of income may be necessary for your rental business. However, before implementing a rental increase it’s important to undertake some important steps. 

In this article, you’ll get some tips to help you determine how you can successfully raise your rent without losing tenants.  

Confirm What the Law Dictates

Before implementing your decision on escalating the rental charge for your investment property, it’s important…

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Advertise Clarksville Rental Cory Real Estate Services

Great advertising and marketing can help decrease the number of vacant spaces in your property. By carrying out a well-planned advertisement, you can attract numerous tenants to your property. However, before you reap the fruits of marketing, you need to plan it out and ensure that you are intentional with your adverts and marketing platforms.

Marketing is useful for any product or service out there. It is through marketing and advertisement that potential customers and clients get to learn about your commodity. This is then how you get to build a brand through the pool of buyers. The same applies to real estate commodities and especially rental spaces.

In this article, Cory Real Estate Services will provide you with a few tips on how you can…

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Rent Increase Laws Cory Real Estate

As a landlord, there will come a time when you’ll need to increase the amount that you’re charging tenants for rent. Some of the most common reasons why Tennessee landlords may want to increase rent include:

  • To keep up with the local real estate market. You can use a rent comparison tool to gauge whether the rent amount you’re charging is at par with others in the same neighborhood.
  • If you wish to make improvements to the rental property. Are you looking to conduct some rental property improvements, such as put in a new HVAC system, replace the carpets, or re-do the kitchen? If you’re, then you may want to raise the rent price in order to recoup that money back.
  • Rising local economy. It makes financial sense to raise the rent in order to…
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7 Maintenance Tips Cory Real Estate Services

A large part of property ownership relies on consistent and regular maintenance. The more you properly care for your belongings, the longer they last. The same goes for your rental property. Maintaining your property also confers the added benefit of slowing down normal wear-and-tear. If you regularly focus on the upkeep of your rental space, you’ll find that the value you deliver to your tenants will be consistent, keeping them happier in the long run. 

If we analyze further, implementing an effective maintenance program also helps reduce your costs. The more attention you dedicate to preventive inspections, the fewer costs you must spend on repairing your property.

Check out the 7 best tips the team at Cory Real Estate Services has compiled…

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Attract Long-Term Tenants Cory Real Estate Services

Landlords are often seeking a low turnover rate and a stable stream of income from their properties. Long-term tenants are one of the best ways to meet these goals. But how exactly can you attract and keep a long-term tenant?

With years of experience managing property within the Clarksville and Fort Campbell area, Cory Real Estate Services offers its tips for attracting long-term tenants to local landlords!

Tips for Attracting Long-Term Tenants

Upgrade your property

You remember the adage, “First impressions matter?” This is where you put it to practice. Whether you have a young professional or a public officer in their early 40s as your tenant, neither wants to rent a space that looks faded and washed out.

Making renovations to your…

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