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A large part of property ownership relies on consistent and regular maintenance. The more you properly care for your belongings, the longer they last. The same goes for your rental property. Maintaining your property also confers the added benefit of slowing down normal wear-and-tear. If you regularly focus on the upkeep of your rental space, you’ll find that the value you deliver to your tenants will be consistent, keeping them happier in the long run. 

If we analyze further, implementing an effective maintenance program also helps reduce your costs. The more attention you dedicate to preventive inspections, the fewer costs you must spend on repairing your property.

Check out the 7 best tips the team at Cory Real Estate Services has compiled that you can apply frequently to help maintain your rental property!

1.  Conduct monthly rental exterminations

Imagine sleeping in a bed littered with bugs or hearing rodents scuttering around at night. Their presence informs the resident that a place is unhygienic. As a landlord, that’s the last thing you want your rental unit to be associated with. The best way to deal with an infestation issue or at least prevent one is to be consistent with extermination.

Initially, the charge may cause you to delay it but doing so will only amplify the problem. Is it worth losing your tenants, especially the long-term ones? Paying for extermination services reassures your tenants that hygienic practices in your property remain to be your priority. It also informs them that you care about their comfort.

2.  Be aware of water leaks

If you notice, rocks by the sea tend to change their shape as time passes. The repeated water exposure is a huge contributor. Just like those rocks, your rental home can also experience damage when frequently left unshielded from water. It’s essential then to perform inspections of water leaks.

Inspect for water damage

Some signs of water leaks are the presence of wet spots and a musty smell. Discoloration in the surroundings often appears due to wet spots. As for the intense odor, it can be the result of dampness that gives way to mold. This creates an even greater problem. Consult a plumber to check the pipes especially if you’re experiencing low water pressure.

3.  Pay attention to the grout between tiles

It’s easy to be unaware of loose or missing grout. Due to constant foot traffic, cracked and loose tiles may occur. Sometimes, it can also be the result of substandard grout finishing techniques. Inspect the tiles often, especially in the bathroom where it’s constantly prone to water damage. Detection can be easy when you hear a hollow sound or see a loose tile.

Hire a specialist to firm up the foundation and perform proper grouting around the tiles. As a protective layer, the importance of solid grouting must not be dismissed. You can also consider signing up for a foundation inspection. The culprit behind your grout problem can be a structural issue.

4.  Regularly test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

 Even the presence of a smoke and carbon monoxide detector is not enough to remain complacent. Regular testing must be done to guarantee safety for your tenants in your rental property. Nothing is worse than having safety equipment that doesn't function at the time you need it most.

Notice that big buildings and schools often have fire drills to test out the alarms. If an incident happens and it turns out that your equipment malfunctioned, you can face a lawsuit. As a landlord, it’s your primary duty to help keep your renters safe so always look at the expiry of both the smoke and carbon monoxide detector. 

5.  Replace air filters regularly

Some landlords offer free air filters for HVAC systems every quarter. Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate, and it can affect the functionality of the cooling and heating system. It can also raise the utility bills considering that the system must expend more energy to heat up or cool down your property. Additionally, fresh filters ensure that the airflow inside the home remains healthy.

Regularly inspect your property

 An efficient HVAC system prevents repair issues which leads to major savings for landlords. If you want to avoid high repair fees and slow down your HVAC’s normal wear-and-tear, replace air filters often. If you accommodate tenants with pets, it’s even more important to change up air filters. You want to prevent allergens from spreading and trapping pet hair in the system causing it to circulate more around the home.

6.  Spend time cleaning the gutters

Water always finds a way to flow. If your gutter is obstructed by any object, the water flow will redirect to other places. This is a recipe for water damage. The culprit in blocked gutters can be dead leaves or other debris blown by a strong wind. It’s recommended to clean up the gutter especially after the autumn or rainy season.

 A couple of ways to clean up your gutter can be through a leaf blower, power washer, a wet/dry vacuum, or a garden hose. You can also attach gutter guards which can act as barriers against potential blockages. Always check for wet spots and stains in your ceilings and walls. If you find them, consider inspecting your gutters.

7.  Attend to your landscaping

Another area to exercise hypervigilance is the trees near your property. You don’t want to be the reason for cutting off power lines. Worse would be paying for a medical injury when you could have prevented it.

Hire a landscaper to inspect the foliage in your area. Eliminate weak limbs. Cut off the extended branches that can be the source of accidents. Consistent landscaping offers attractive appeal and at the same time, maintains the safety of your rental space.

Keep up with landscaping

 The Bottom Line

Property maintenance is something you observe consistently to prevent property damage. Having an organized procedure to follow also makes it a routine program making the practice easier. If you need a trusted property management company to take care of your valuable rental, please contact Cory Real Estate Services today!

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