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Whenever a tenant rents a unit from the landlord, they sign a lease agreement that lays out both the landlord and tenant's rights and responsibilities. That being said, a lease will not cover every issue that can come up during the tenancy period.

As a landlord, how you deal with tenant problems and complaints will determine the landlord-tenant relationship. It will also have an impact on your ability to retain long-term tenants. This blog focuses on some of the top complaints from the tenants and how to solve the problems. 

Lack of Repairs or Maintenance Issues

For any landlord, tenancy issues usually start when there are some maintenance issues within their rental unit. Because the tenant is not the property owner, they are often required to notify the landlord of an issue and then wait for the matter to be handled. 

When you receive a maintenance request or complaint about an issue with the property be sure to respond quickly. Request a convenient time to enter the unit and get a clear picture of the problem. 

Then, communicate with your tenant once you have a good understanding of what is causing the issue and explain how you're dealing with it, and when it will be resolved.

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Poor Communication Between Tenants and Landlords

One of the most common inconveniences for tenants is a landlord who is unreliable or never available. Landlords may believe they are not required to respond to all communications, but this lack of response can be interpreted as an unwillingness to listen to concerns. 

A landlord should provide tenants with as much information as they require. Even if you don’t have an immediate answer, it helps to let the tenant know that you’ve received their message and are looking into the matter.

Unannounced Landlord Entry

Any landlord should be aware of the entry laws in their state. Note that making frequent random access to the property is seen as harassment.

Unless there is an emergency, the landlord is not supposed to come unannounced. Typically, a landlord is supposed to give a 24-hour written notice to a tenant before visiting. What’s more, the visit should occur during appropriate hours of the day. 

To ensure the least amount of issues or misunderstandings it’s always best to find a date and time that works best for both you and the tenant. 

Issues with Pets

Tenants have a difficult time finding properties that allow pets. This is why, while it's great to make your property pet-friendly, you should still have some ground rules clearly stated in the lease. It should also be noted that pet policies do not apply to people with service animals.  

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Complaints from Neighbors

Noise complaints are a prevalent issue among landlords. Tenants will complain about noisy neighbors who listen to music, the television, or the radio too loud. They will complain about stomping, parties, and more too.

Most properties will follow the local county noise ordinance when determining appropriate noise levels. However, should issues come up, pay attention to these complaints, to avoid prolonged issues. And be ready to send notice to tenants who aren’t respecting noise levels.

Remember that whenever this problem arises, you, as the landlord, are not supposed to take sides. However, you need to talk with the tenant causing the problem directly.

Unwanted Pests

You may have to deal with pests from time to time. Nobody wants bugs or rodents in their home, so the landlord should act quickly if a tenant complains about this. A landlord should contact an exterminator as soon as possible and then follow up with their tenant after a week or so to ensure the problem has been completely resolved.

Best practice would involve a landlord inspecting and treating a property regularly to prevent pest issues from occurring in the first place. The tenants must also ensure that they keep the property clean.

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How to Handle Tenant Complaints and Management Responsibilities

Handle complaints by acknowledging them, recording them, fixing the issue, and following up. Remember, the way you handle tenant complaints will have an impact on whether or not tenant renew their lease with you or refer others to you. 

Save yourself the headaches and hire a property management company to keep your rental business running smoothly. You can contact Cory Real Estate Services today and get a quote for our property management services. 


Cases of tenant complaints are unavoidable. Whatever type of complaint you're dealing with, remember to take the time to listen to the tenant and fully comprehend the complaint. Avoid dismissing the complaint and respond as soon as possible. 

At the end of the day, tenants want to know that someone is assisting them in resolving their issues. You will increase your tenant retention rates if you offer quick responses.

For more sound and professional property management advice and services, contact the team at Cory Real Estate Services!

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