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The first step to preparing a property for sale or rent is creating a rental property listing and ad copy. Words have the power of catching a potential buyer's attention as they scroll through listings. So, what makes for a good property listing? It incorporates strong descriptions, engaging narratives, and well-composed photographs.

This article will cover how to create the ideal property listing that will get you the best possible results.

Write a Persuading Opening Statement

The opening statement is the most crucial phase in your property listing. It either entices the reader to continue reading or pushes them away to the next one. The goal is to make them stick with you, so use inviting language that makes them want to explore further.

Incorporate an Engaging Headline

The first instance that captures your readers' attention is the headline. You want to share just enough with the reader to keep them engaged and excited to learn more about the property. Consider using language that situates the property in a specific area and speaks to its best features. This way you will be ahead of your competitors and sell prospective tenants on the property faster. 

Choose Your Words Wisely

It’s always advisable to list the property's best features before embarking on the body. The best way to paint a picture of the property in the reader's head is by choosing precise words and steering of vague terms.

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Consider using interest-generating adjectives such as luxurious, quaint, and well-maintained. Use words that appeal to the reader's emotions. But you want to avoid using too many exclamations as it will be disruptive to the flow.

After formulating a good list of words you want to use to describe the property, create a compelling description to market the property. Ensure you weave together all of the vital facts about the unit into an engaging narrative. Remember that the words you use should highlight details about the property while remaining factual. 

Highlight the Property's Unique Features

The opening sentences of your property listing should feature your home's best feature. If the property is larger, use a word like spacious or grand. The preceding sentences should further highlight other vital attributes.

You want to think about what sets your property apart from the competition. Maybe you offer parking, extra storage space, a newly renovated kitchen. Whatever it is, make sure that the description draws attention to it. 

Be Detailed but Brief 

An effective property listing should be specific but also brief. The majority of property listing providers have word-count restrictions, hence a good rule of thumb is to keep your listings under 200 words. Even if you aren’t restricted by a word count, you want to make it very easy for someone to get all the necessary information about the property quickly.

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So what should you pack into those words? Some of the crucial information to use include the address, square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and amenities. You can also include information such as modern kitchens, scenic views, new windows, and proximity to major highways and shopping areas is crucial.

Incorporate a Promotional Message

The best technique for speeding up the sale is including a promotion toward the end of your listing. If the prospect is overwhelmed by choices, then this promotional detail could be helpful to your listing as it will make it stand out. 

It will also be advantageous to you if you're exercising flexibility regarding the signing date. While some people might have an already set moving date which could be several weeks away, others might need to relocate as soon as possible. Mentioning your intention to accommodate both options could leverage your property listing.

Close with a Call to Action

Regarding the know-how of writing real estate property descriptions, your ending is equally as important as your beginning. Take advantage of the last few sentences to captivate your reader with a final pitch that too includes a call to action.

In the end, as the reader finishes your ad, you want them to know precisely what their next move is. Your ending should answer several questions: 

  • Where and how can they access more photos of the property? 
  • How do they schedule a viewing of the property? 
  • Who should they turn to if they have more questions about the space?

call to action

Add all your contact information including the phone number, email address, and all the relevant social media links to show off more of the Tennessee property and, share them as well in the listing.

Finally, your call to action should convey a sense of urgency without being aggressive. The call-to-action is an essential part of the real estate advertising process.

Closing Thoughts

Marketing a property by yourself is hard and can be confusing at times. As such, working with a professional team with the right tools and techniques to get your property seen by more people could be beneficial. 

Cory Real Estate Services deploys the most up-to-date marketing methods for your Clarksville, TN home. As a result, your property will be able to keep ahead of the competition! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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