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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Farmington, TN?

If yes, then check out Cory Real Estate Services

With our in-depth real estate knowledge, we are trusted property management professionals based in Clarksville, Tennessee. We offer the best range of property management solutions every property owner deems valuable.

With a core focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, we assist you in marketing your Farmington home property. It will also be easier to land you high-quality renters who take care of your rental unit. Property inspections will be consistent for preventive maintenance, ensuring fewer turnovers. For rent collection, we have reliable, foolproof systems that will earn you returns month after month.

Whether you’re looking for professional representatives to manage, sell or market your Farmington property, Cory Real Estate Services can guide you. Built on our extensive experience, our superior level of local knowledge and skills are proven in the property management sector. Contact us now at (931) 298 0003. We look forward to being your partner in rental property success!

Our Professional Property Management Services

The supportive and dedicated team of Cory Real Estate Services makes it our mission to continue building value for your Farmington property. We practice a full-service property management style. For a reasonable cost, you can look forward to spending your days in peace and comfort. You earn the income without the expected stress of actively managing your Farmington rental home. Here are outstanding property management services we offer:

Marketing Your Rental Property

rental property marketing

As most marketing has moved into the digital realm, we actively apply online strategies for your Farmington property. Cory Real Estate Services combines MLS methods of expanding market search and maximizing the power of SEO and social media. We go where the attention ranks high so your Farmington unit gathers more prospects.

Using popular and trusted websites such as Trulia, Zillow, and the like, we stimulate more interest in your rental property. Through careful image selection, the interest is further stoked. People are often captured by visual appeal and we feed that need with our effective marketing.

Tenant Screening Process

Part of a landlord’s heavy responsibility is filtering out the bad tenants. With Cory Real Estate Services’ reliable tenant screening methods, we end up with renters that match our set standards. We take our time to run through the vital details of reviewing credit scores, income and employment records, past rent histories and criminal files. Our mission is to deliver qualified tenants as occupants of your Farmington rental. 

If a tenant fails to pay the rent due to external factors, we assist fully in the eviction process. Keeping to the legal aspects of evicting a tenant, we ensure that the process remains professional and peaceful.

Rent Collection

Cory Real Estate Services recognizes how crucial collecting rent is to the success of your Farmington rental business. With this in mind, we formulate policies and systems that enforce tenants to pay promptly. Property owners can only expand their investment portfolios through consistent returns, so we view this as a non-negotiable service. Providing reliable cash flow is our primary means of growing your rental business.

monthly rent collection

Tenants can pay through multiple channels depending on their preferred route. By making rental payments convenient, the tenants will have no reason to run out of time. With our advanced technology, we can easily keep track of each tenant’s rental payment.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Eighty percent of managing your Farmington rental unit will involve repairs and maintenance. Cory Real Estate Services understands the value of a well-kept rental property. So we monitor tenant maintenance requests as well as conduct our proactive maintenance plan. We check during tenant move in and move out phases of renting. We see to it that your Farmington property remains attractive to prospective tenants during property showings.

We also work with the best contractors and cost-efficient vendors who don’t sacrifice quality. During emergencies, you can trust Cory Real Estate Services to show up immediately. Whether you’re living in Farmington, Tennessee or not, your rental maintenance operation will be up to par. We don’t compromise standards and put our client’s investments in peril. Naturally, this results in legal compliance in terms of providing a habitable rental space to renters.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Financial books tell the story of the performance of your Farmington rental. It’s easy to keep track of it through our Owner’s portal. You’re able to view digital statements, expense reports and profitability ledgers. We can even assist you in filing property tax payments. 

About Farmington, Tennessee

Farmington is located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Sitting in a strategic location, it offers convenience to its residents in terms of commuting to Clarksville, Fort Campbell and Nashville. The sprawling homes have a minimum of 2,000 square ft. giving renters a feeling of space.

Homebuyers and renters will find it effortless to choose different styles of homes in Farmington. Owing to several builders, units come in a variety of types and one can take a pick of what’s suitable based on their needs.  Most homes come with basements. 

Residents also appreciate the ease of going to Governor Square Mall that takes only a quick drive. If you’re looking for interesting attractions then going to Clarksville for a mere 20 minutes is feasible. You can find historic downtown with a wide range of restaurants and shops.

The tranquil country setting of Farmington draws residents who like the peaceful views. All without compromising the amenities since the mall is just around the corner. The Farmington home properties are built with quality architectural designs. This planned community is also near to schools making it ideal for families raising kids.

Here are interesting places to see in Farmington, Tennessee:

  1. Governor Square Mall

  2. Henry Horton State Park

  3. Lawler’s Barbecue - Lewisburg

  4. Jimmy’s Market and Deli

  5. Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes and Fries

Source: Wikipedia 

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