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Managing a multifamily rental can be challenging

Cory Real Estate Services uses the latest management strategies when it comes to property management. We do this to keep our clients' rentals ahead of the local competition.

Our property managers are specially trained to ensure your Clarkesville multifamily rental property is taken care of 24/7. Our goal is to help you maximize your rental income through tried and tested property management services.

When you hire us, you’ll no longer have to worry about vacant units, nor will you struggle to find a reliable tenant. You won’t have to deal with late or missing rent, either! Our suite of comprehensive property management services will ensure you achieve peace of mind.

What’s more, our property management services can be customized to meet your own unique needs.

So, do you own a multi-family property in Clarkesville or the Ft. Campbell area? If so, we can help you realize the full potential of your investment property. That’s because we know how challenging managing multiple units can be. From maintaining the units to collecting rent to screening tenants, it can all seem stressful and time-consuming.

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Our Multi-Family Property Management Services  

Self-managing a rental unit, let alone an entire apartment complex, can be a daunting task. Between responding to maintenance issues to marketing your rental, self-management can be less than ideal. Having a successful rental property requires time, effort, and knowledge and experience.

Cory Real Estate Services is a full-service property management company. This means we can help you in all aspects. After hiring us, all that will be left for you to worry about is how you’ll spend your hard-earned passive dollars.

1. Rental Pricing

Do you know how much rent to charge your potential tenants? Determining the rent amount requires expert skills and experience. Because, undercharging your tenants can mean leaving money on the table, whereas overcharging them can lead to long vacancy periods.

Cory Real Estate Services has been in the Clarkesville property management business for far too long. We can help you calculate the perfect price for your rental. That is one that will help you maximize your returns without jeopardizing its desirability.

Get started with your free rental price analysis by getting in touch with us today!

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2. Property Marketing

This is an important factor when it comes to your property’s bottom line. Knowing how to quickly find replacement tenants can make or break your rental investment.

But with Cory Real Estate Services, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our marketing strategies are designed to land a tenant in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days. Many factors come into play, however.

Our rental ads allow vacant homes in our portfolio to be viewed by hundreds of prospects. That’s because they are not only targeted, but we also vigorously market vacant rentals across different platforms.

3.  Rent Collection

Cory Real Estate Services can also ensure you are paid on time, every time thanks to our clear and consistent rent collection policy.

Our tenants are able to pay online, which makes rent payments simple and convenient.

We’ll also go through the lease with you to ensure rent-related terms are as detailed and concise as possible. We’ll make sure it mentions important terms such as:

  • When rent falls due
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Amount of grace period, if any
  • Amount of late fees, if any

4. Tenant Screening

We conduct extensive screening on all prospective tenants. This helps minimize the chances of renting to a potentially difficult tenant.

One of the things we screen tenants for is their level of income. Of course, we aim to land tenants that can comfortably afford to pay rent without hassle. It’s for this reason that we normally require tenants to make at least 3X the rent amount.

Another thing we look at is the credit rating of a tenant. Broadly speaking, persons with a good credit rating are often responsible. They will tend to care for your property, pay rent on time, and notify you when maintenance issues crop up.

In addition, we also call previous landlords to learn more about the tenant. Some of the questions we ask include:

  • Did the tenant maintain the rental property well?
  • Did the tenant pay rent on time?
  • What was the tenant’s monthly rental amount?
  • How long was the vacancy?
  • Who were the occupants listed on the lease?
  • What is the address of their property?

Knowing such details usually helps us make informed decisions.

5. Property Maintenance

Preserving and increasing an investment’s value is crucial to long-term success. Because, among other things, it helps keep occupancy rates high and tenant turnover rates low. This basically means more money left for you!

Cory Real Estate Services has a reliable and professional maintenance crew that can help keep your property in great shape 24/7.

Our property management system allows us to keep track of all maintenance requests that are scheduled through our office.

Clarksville property maintenance

6. Property Inspections

Besides staying on top of maintenance issues, we also conduct routine inspections on the properties we manage. Among many things, they help us keep an eye on tenants’ use (or misuse) of the properties.

We document the property’s condition when a tenant moves in and then use the documentation as a reference when they move out. This helps note any excessive damages the tenant may have committed during their tenancy.

About Cory Real Estate Services

Cory Real Estate Services has years of real estate experience in buying, selling, and managing homes in Clarkesville / Ft. Campbell area.

We understand the value of creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. As such, we go above and beyond to make sure we provide unrivaled services.

Our years of experience have enabled us to come up with creative and innovative solutions. Consequently, we are able to offer proven solutions that work each and every time. And to top everything up, we have excellent customer service.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get started. Again, you can reach us by dialing (931) 298-0003.

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