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Being a landlord in West Creek can sometimes prove to be challenging. This is especially true if you lack sufficient time, lack adequate experience, live out-of-state or own multiple units. In such cases, hiring a property management company may be the best option. 

Hiring a good property management company can help you achieve peace of mind. That’s because you’ll no longer need to:

  • Worry about filling your vacant rental units

  • Stress over finding great tenants 

  • Struggle to collect rent on time 

  • Respond to those pesky 2AM maintenance calls 

  • Address the many other day-to-day management needs

At Cory Real Estate Services, our #1 goal is to help you achieve peace of mind. We offer comprehensive property management services designed to help you overcome any challenges you may be experiencing at the moment. 

What’s more, our services are flexible and tailored to meet every client’s specific needs. 

So, are you ready to work with a dedicated, reliable and transparent property management company? If so, call us today by dialing 931.298.0003. We’ll be happy to assist you in the best way we can! 

Our Property Management Services 

Cory Real Estate Services is a full-service property management company. In other words, we can help you in all management aspects. From finding tenants and screening them to collecting rent and carrying out regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

The following are our rental management services in a bit more detail. 

1. Helping You Charge the Right Rent

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Some West Creek landlords make the mistake of either overcharging or undercharging their tenants. Neither of these two options is ever ideal. 

You see, while overcharging your tenants may seem like more income for you, it may actually mean just the opposite. This often leads to longer vacancies and high tenant turnover rates. 

Savvy prospective tenants usually do their research prior to renting a home and will not rent an overpriced one. 

Undercharging your tenants is also not an option if you’re looking to maximize your income. While it may make your property attractive to prospective tenants, you'll be unable to maximize your income potential. 

Cory Real Estate Services can help you determine the best rental rate for your West Creek property. We’ll conduct a comparative market analysis to know how much landlords are charging for a similar unit. We’ll then factor in other unique features of your property. 

Ultimately, we’ll help maximize your income while ensuring your property remains attractive to prospective tenants. What’s more, we’ll determine this rental rate free of charge!

2. Carrying Out Effective Marketing 

A vacancy can sure give a landlord some sleepless nights. Aside from expecting zero income at the end of the month, there are expenses to contend with. These include taxes, utility bills and possibly mortgage repayments. 

Luckily for you, Cory Real Estate Services can help. Our marketing strategies are designed to help our clients achieve high turn-around-times. So, whether a tenant has moved out or you’re just starting out as a landlord, we're here for you!

west creek property marketing

We’ll give your rental as much exposure as possible through a variety of marketing tactics. These take the form of yard signs, newspaper ads, flyers and posters, social media and rental listing sites. 

3. Choosing the Best Tenants for You

Are you struggling to fill your West Creek rental property with a good tenant? That is, one that pays rent on time, takes good care of your property, causes few issues and renews their lease multiple times? 

If you are, Cory Real Estate Services has come to your rescue. We thoroughly screen tenants to ensure we rent to the best one possible. Among other things, we check their income, employment, credit rating, and even run their rental, employment and criminal backgrounds. 

Our goal is to land tenants that:

  • Have a good rental history

  • Have a stable job

  • Earn sufficient income to ensure rent payments are made every month without issues 

  • Have clean criminal records

  • Are ready to rent the property long-term 

Our property managers also ensure that the screening process is devoid of any unfair selections. That’s because we understand and stay updated on all the Tennessee tenancy laws. 

4. Collecting Rent on Time, Every Month

Are you just getting started and don’t know what to do? Do you own multiple units and are struggling to keep organized? Are you an out-of-state investor and are finding this time-consuming? Or are you simply looking for a professional to help ensure you get paid on time, every month?

west creek rental payment

Whatever you’re struggling with, Cory Real Estate Services can help!

Thanks to our years of experience in managing Clarkesville rentals, we have streamlined our rent collection practices to ensure our clients get paid on time. Besides helping you charge the right rent, we also have other strategies up our sleeves. 

One, we provide our tenants simple, convenient payment options. Two, we go through our clients’ leases to ensure all potential loopholes are sealed. And three, we strictly enforce the terms of the lease agreement, especially rent-related ones. 

5. Keeping your West Creek Rental Regularly Maintained

Are you looking to hire someone who can take care of your property as well as you would? Again, Cory Real Estate Services can help.

When you hire us, you’ll be tapping into years of professional experience in rental management. We’ll regularly maintain your unit and respond to tenant maintenance requests promptly. 

Our maintenance crew is not only reliable and professional, but they are also bonded, insured and licensed. 

About West Creek, Clarksville 

Offering an assortment of varying sizes, beautiful styles and affordable prices, West Creek is one of the top neighborhoods in Clarkesville, TN. Homes in this neighborhood range in square footage from about 1,200 square feet to just over 2,500. The price also varies from about $191,000 to just over $299,900. 

Attractions in and around West Creek include Flyhawk Farm & Tasting Room, Moccasin Creek Park, Hickory Flat Pottery, Hemlock Falls Trail and Mark of the Potter. 

Source: Wikipedia 

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